Legal Reality Check

for Business

As a business owner seeking legal services, do you want …

  • Risk reduction or elimination?
  • Protection for what you're building or have built already?
  • Peace of mind that the legal affairs of your business are well handled?
  • Realizing the freedom you sought when you started your business?

The Firm provides services to achieve these that are:

  • Well-crafted
  • Targeted to the issues at hand
  • Affordable

Getting there, though, requires a Legal Reality Check — as to what is possible and what is best for your business. You shouldn’t rely on “Internet” wisdom or a legal form website, where the so-called answers may have nothing to do with your specific and unique business.

And what is the cost to your business if certain risks fall in? Almost certainly far greater than the investment you can make to minimize or eliminate the risk to begin with.

A proper Legal Reality Check starts with you and your concerns, regardless of how remote you might think they are.

Each box below will take you to a page that lists common concerns that are part of the legal reality of running your business. Click on the one that best suits your situation, check the boxes that apply or might apply, and return it to me confidentially by mail, email, or fax.

These categories for the phase your business are for convenience only.  If your situation might span more than one category, feel free to look over and mark pages from any or all the categories to send to me.